Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes 

Those times Sam made fun of Dean’s clothing choices. 

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Never ending list of favorite scenes  (8.21) 3/

↳ Hey, uh, little big man?

I love how Dean is trying gently and with a smile, to convince Sam to stay and rest. ‘Hey, uh, little big man' it's: 'you’re still my little brother’, but also ‘You’re a grown up and I see you like that' and those were the exact words Sam needed to hear in order let go of the case for a little while and just rest. 

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"Why was I chosen?" Part 1 of ?

So I finally decided to upload this comic in 2 or more parts. This takes place before Lucifer fell and Michael was someone that fledgelings and other angels could confide in.

Stay tuned for Michael’s older brother wisdom!

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There are about a billion arrangements of “Bad Apple!!” but this one, performed with traditional Japanese instruments, is one of the best and most unique that I’ve seen. 

It’s the complete opposite of the bouncy techno remixes (which, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy) that make up a lot of Touhou Project fan music, and actually feels a lot truer to the nature of Gensokyo.

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x There. I was too weak to color it. Guess I just wanted to share it too much…


x There. I was too weak to color it. Guess I just wanted to share it too much…

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Sam is such a grumpy little brother here and Dean just gives him a minute to calm down. It’s actually adorable.

#Winchesters#actually that’s not at all what’s going on here#I have seen some awesome meta about this scene that basically broke me#we all know that Lucifer runs cold not hot#so to Sam suddenly waking up in ice cold water would be more of hell flashback#all that flailing around is him trying to defend himself#and Dean knows it#he’s giving him space yes#but space to compose himself and come back from the flashback#it may look cute but it is anything but (via baronsamediswife)

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Even John would have hated John.

It really does show how revenge twists John’s character

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TFW + cards against humanity (insp)

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